Located in the old town of Alba Iulia, on a quiet street in a neighborhood of houses, La Maison de Caroline hotel fits both business travel and relaxing holiday in Transylvanian area. Built over 120 years ago, the building that houses the hotel welcomes you to a specific architecture of the end of the nineteenth century, Hungarian style, is a mansion with a special atmosphere of rooms full of history. Owned by a famous lawyers' family until 1950, La Maison de Caroline manages to preserve the beauty of old houses that merges with the services and amenities of a modern hotel. La Maison de Caroline is located in an area known for its tranquility, with no traffic and shopping centers in close proximity.
 • In fact the entire resort is trying to revive in the tourist's imagination a bygone era full of emotion and memories, with style and materials used in theme design. We can say that our hotel is an almost exclusively Romanian product. We tried to use fewest possible nowadays material such as metal and plastic and return to nature - wood, stone and brick. In the same note, the breakfast will be prepared from local products, ECO certified by the EU - an additional health benefits along with so necessary unpolluted mountain air and tranquility. The restaurant, an international cuisine, can serve 40 people in the best conditions, but can be transformed in a comfortable conference room for 60 people with projector screen and perfect sound, if needed.
  Along with our delicious cuisine the most suited is a glass of selected wine – in our lounge you can find a selection of top quality wines, most of them Romanian. Our staff can advise on the best choice for the menu you ordered, or or just a tasting of wines from around the world. Pleasant atmosphere created by the twelve decades old stone arch, antique objects that spread all over the hotel and appropriate lighting are "teleporting" the tourist into another time, while maintaining the comfort of 2012. The spa facilities of La Maison de Caroline have the same purpose to relax and rest. They consist of an infrared sauna (a more economical and hygienic option), a Jacuzzi located in a room resembling a cellar from the 1800s and a fancy massage room. After a day of meetings or on the road we have all the necessary elements required for relaxation before a night to rest.
 • In the courtyard, away from the passers' looks, up to 10 cars can park safely, but you can spend time reading on the first floor's vaulted patio or enjoying an Italian coffee at the tables surrounded by a flower extravaganza. Wherever there is not wood or stone, the eye will be delighted with flowers and herbs, our hotel being a green oasis in the middle of the city.
 • Because of its comfort, privacy, location and distinct business facilities, La Maison de Caroline is the ideal choice for you, whether you are travelling alone, with business partners or with your family.
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